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Adria Dinev is a British-Bulgarian actress and singer-songwriter. She falls in love with music and the stage when she is only 4. She plays in numerous school spectacles and musicals, while still in Bulgaria (untill 2012). In 2008 she gets her honoured first place to study as a pop and jazz singer in the National Music School “Lubomir Pipkov” in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia. She is professionally trained in classical, pop and jazz music, but she finds her passion in the pop and rock genre. She keeps on receiving awards in singing, harmony and acting.In 2012 she is accepted to study Musical Performance at Brunel University, London.

Later on (2017), Adria finishes a Masters course "Acting for Screen" in the Actor Studios (Pinewood Studios, London). Some of her tutors were: Tim Kent, Mel Churcher, Clare Davidson, Ben Gogan, Steve Finn and Taz Ayoub. She works and studies alongside Max Huang, Zoey Stein and Pavel Steiner and many others talented actors and since then she has been part of many independent short films, commercials, TV & Film productions. Adria Dinev becomes a first assistant director and professional make-up artist after being trained in 2019 and helps many big productions.

In 2021, she works on three big feature films as an assistant director, lands a big main role in a documentary and becomes a professional mermaid and qualified diver.  

You can visit her CV via the following links:

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