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With inspirations like Whitney Houston, Anastacia, Aerosmith, Evanescence, Cher and Nightwish, British-Bulgarian singer songwriter Adria Dinev combines the timelessness of pop music, her passion for heavier music and classical training to create a sound that is so uniquely hers. Since the ripe age of 4, Adria pushed herself to join choirs and bands, getting as much spotlight as possible and falling totally in love with the stage. At 13 she undertook professional piano and vocal training and became determined that one day she will travel to London to study and pursue her dream. In 2009 she was offered a place to study as a pop and jazz singer at Bulgaria’s National Music School Liubomir Pipkov, mastering classical and jazz music, although she always held a true passion for rock.

In 2012, after many successes in her study (and almost changing courses to science and psychology), she was offered a place to study Musical Performance at Brunel University in London. She released her debut single You Won’t Fool Me in 2015, a fun and energetic pop track inspired by the mix of rock and pop by artists like P!nk.  She experimented further with cheerful pop songwriting, inspired by the works of Carol King and Michael Jackson, to create her sophomore release You Should Know.


Beginning music therapy study/ practice (graduating in 2022/2023) as well as teaching, she also finished her Acting for Screen course, expanding her artistic direction. In 2018, she became a finalist in Europe’s acclaimed Tour Music Fest songwriting competition, representing her home country Bulgaria and the UK. Her voice was later affected by an illness, forcing her to pause on her passion and focus on her health. She kept her artistry alive by working in the film industry both as a first assistant director/producer and professional actress.

2020’s lockdown brought her vocal wellness at the time when she could knuckle down and commit to her music again, leading her to release singles such as What I Want and Thank You, both solely worked on songs with the latterwritten in homage to her father. Her vocal comeback also saw her garnering nominations for the Fair Play Country Music First Red Carpet Award Show 2020 in categories Amazing Female Voice – Blues Cover and Amazing Female Voice – Original Pop/ Rock Song for You Won’t Fool Me. Her release, My Man, created in collaboration with producer Sean Kennedy, will see her return stronger than ever with some of her most ambitious work to date.

In 2021, she comes back with her epic new single "My Man", which helps her to get into 17 different categories in the International Red Carpet Show Nominations 2022. Alongside that she continues to work as an actress and becomes a professional mermaid and qualified free diver in June 2021. In December 2021, she enters an Internet Music Competition as a singer-songwriter and becomes UK winner and later on (January 2022) she conquers the second place at the Global Finals.

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